JFK murder, always open case

A day in late November of fifty – five years ago, the Texas city of Dallas was the center of the world for the visit and killing of the then President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy .


The motivations for this official commitment, even though there have been alarm signals of presidential security , identified in the previous days, have had priority over potential risks, favored, also, by the weak protection measures envisaged; an example of this was the condescension of the President himself in not wanting to implement some basic security measures such as the presence of the hood on the presidential car, the prohibition to escort the possibility of using the sirens and not to provide for the coaching of the car same by police officers on motorcycles.

Dallas in that precise historical period was a very hostile and dangerous place .

In the days before had appeared leaflets in which was included the phrase ‘wanted for treason’ , ‘wanted for treason’, referring to JFK, was the morning of the visit has been described in the local press as a traitor.

Although aware of the existing risk , Kennedy gave priority to the purpose of the trip, and specifically, its objectives were: to seek capital for the presidential election campaign ; obtaining consents for the second election that should have taken place in 1964 (the electoral rating rating having fallen in the last period, to compensate for this would have had to consolidate its position in Texas and Florida ); groped a truce between the leaders of the Texan Democratic party , fighting each other.

The original route was changed at the arrival of the President; The parade started the Dallas airport, arriving, at 12:30 pm local time, in Dealey Plaza , where the deposit of the Texas School Book , and from which, through a sixth-floor window, Lee Harvey Oswald shot at the presidential parade killing JFK , with an Italian-made rifle , the Mannlicher Carcano 91/38 , purchased a short time before by correspondence . The bomber was captured on the same day, however, claiming to be a scapegoat right away. The next day he was shot to death by gunshot, in the premises of the Dallas Police, by Jack Ruby , a fanatic which he said he wanted to avenge the murder of the President.

After taking over from Kennedy, the US Presidency, his deputy, Lyndon Johnson , immediately formed a commission of inquiry to investigate the death of JFK in order to arrive at certain conclusions.

The Warren Commission, named after its president, Earl Warren , President of the United States Supreme Court, would then determine that the only person responsible for the murder was Oswald . The Commission (which produced a report of 50,000 pages) came to this conclusion in consideration of the temperament of the same subject: psychic, mythomaniac and pro-Castro. He wanted to become famous with this killing. A conclusion far from clear and exhaustive , which left many doubts and obscure sides , both for the dynamics and for the reasons. It has certainly favored, at a general level, the proliferation of conspiracy theories .

Over the years there have been controversies and revisitations. In the 1970s a new Commission ( House Select Committee on Assassinations ) agreed on some conclusions from the Warren Commission , but not on the timescales of Oswald . The commissions considered the only guilty Oswald . According to supporters of conspiracy theories, the President would have been killed for a variety of reasons ranging from organized crime , to KGB , to Castro , to arms lobbies and oil companies . The work of the two commissions does not make clear , unequivocally, many factors related to ballistics .

From the declassification of classified files , commissioned by President Donald Trump , on October 26, 2017, a lot of additional information emerged , but they did not clarify the real motivations and the dynamics of the facts.
Specifically, through the new documentation we became aware of the fact that, according to a memorandum of the FBI director at the time, John Edgar Hoover , the FBI Dallas office had received an anonymous call , on the day of the attack, according to which an organized group wanted to organize the murder of Oswald; as a result of this, the FBI would have received guarantees from the Dallas Police about the safety of the suspect ; a guarantee that, in the end, it did not turn out to be real, because the following day Oswald was killed in the premises of the Police itself. Hoover , expressed within the memorandum, the conviction of fearing the birth of conspiracy theories following the killing of Oswald .

In a   document produced by the CIA , is reported the satisfaction of Cuban institutions for the murder of JFK , as considered an enemy of the Cuban people. From investigations carried out in Cuba by US agents, in periods following the event, it was possible to ascertain the non involvement of the Nation .

Environmental interceptions, prior to the assassination, placed Oswald at the Soviet embassy in Mexico City for an interview with a KGB agent , with whom he kept in touch by telephone.
Much documentation made known speaks of CIA projects to eliminate uncomfortable Heads of State , such as Fidel Castro, and others linked to communist regimes, both in South America and in Asia . It also deals with funding for organizations , including armed ones , against communism .

According to some of these documents, among the FBI’s suspicions , in addition to Oswald, there was JD Tippit , a Texan policeman of conservative ideas , whom he assassinated shortly after the President’s murder. A federal informant, H. Theodore Lee , heard from some patrons of a charitable association, that Tippit would shoot the mortal blow, and that he, Oswald, and Ruby (Oswald’s killer), they would be seen days before the murder. A series of documents on Tippit are of undoubted interest.

In 1979, another umpteenth parliamentary commission investigated the murder, coming to the conclusion that the President was assassinated following a conspiracy , without, however, providing evidence supporting the thesis.

The involvement of Cuba, of the Soviet Union , of organized crime and of the deviated elements of the Intelligence has been excluded .

The responsibility was attributed to potential individuals linked to organizations not identified but who would act independently .

Officially the parliamentary inquiry committees attributed the responsibility of the event to Oswald, but the dynamics and circumstances identified at the time and subsequently, up to 2017 (year in which a series of classified documentation was disclosed), did not provide important contributions solvers . Many of the questions about that November 1963 remain always unanswered