I'm with Katia: executives of that 'thing' called PD, go away all!

Just over 48 hours and no one even talks about the PD and its assembly for the management of power.
You must acknowledge that I have said it and repeated it repeatedly , with insistence and even with resentment, even hatred and indifference to the sentiment of the recipients of what I was saying. You must acknowledge this: I have said it several times. The few or many who have read it, perhaps they have thought ill of me, have said that I am exaggerated, that I have ancient livery (the opposite, I assure you), that I do not understand anything politics, and on this I can fully agree – just that I am proud of it, because that would mean that, as I believe, I speak of being human, of a citizen and that’s it. In short, I said , ‘ Dear all leaders of the PD, away, away from here ‘, and repeated and I repeat.

But when, on the afternoon of November 17th, I heard this phrase: ” Retire all … start from scratch , not from people … let’s start from the ideas … change the status that you say you can not change but who tried to change it not us … »I am trasecolato, and then the most terrible thing:« … there is a cord in this room that divides the part of the important ones from the rest »! Who said it? Katia Tarasconi militant of the PD to the ‘assembly’ of the PD, from which, listen, listen Matteo Renzi was absent , Marco Minniti is silent and Maurizio Martina confirms the resignation , Matteo Orfini , Nicola Zingaretti , and the maneuver Dario Franceschini and a few others, all at the here on that cord, and all quiet.
Ah no, not only, because the ‘renziano iron’ and seraphic Roberto Giachetti , ‘critical mind of the renzismo’ (jesus, jesus and what does it mean?) Back from the last hunger strike for I do not know what and ready to start another , states tranchant, even ‘deciphered’: ” There will be no more excuse for all those who say they are with Zingaretti anti-Renzi version. Matteo pulls himself out and I want to see how my friend Gentiloni will justify his support for the governor of Lazio, who does and says the opposite of what Paolo has always said and done. And it will always be clearer that without Renzi this party evaporates , it is evanescent “… oh my God, so why is Renzi not going to let it fall before it fades into the ozone layer? But then, because one ‘is’ with Zingretti in anti-Renzi feature? What does it mean, who is Renzi , the messiah, the immortalist prophet? But you realize! Politics , projects , where are they? I’m naive, I know.

We are talking about the assembly , half a day, of the PD.


But not the main thing hard , revolutionary (it is incredible that such a thing is, but it is) of those very few words of that wonderful girl , who were given perhaps two minutes (in front of ten thousand of those accommodated from here by the cordon red … I hope that she was accommodated ‘beyond’ or that she went running), who shouted the desperation of those who see that ‘ thing ‘ that defines itself as a party due to the presence intrusive, continuous, insipid, wordy, contradictory and arrogant , especially arrogant, of those ‘leaders’. Which executives? But especially, managers why? who put them there? why are you still there after all that happened ? who named them or elected them or what you want? They are there because they are and why they are there, period. Katia , but how can you not understand it, who are you? You are there to make a number , not direct, you.

Where are the political proposals? what is being talked about in that half day of assembly.



And why not in a real Congress ? how does a party and not a power management association or a business committee or a board of directors, rather than in that fair of the vanities of the so-called primary, if you decide who can vote, if the members or the first pass by the road.
Think about it, look demented absurdity: the S egretario party, not only not ‘out’ from a congressional debate, with opposing arguments, interventions articulated and rich in proposals for true party members (and others ‘leaders’) discussing , they quarrel and they beat each other, maybe, but not even by a choice by the members ; because, almost certainly will be ‘ elected ‘ by people who are not in the party , but who follow and vote for and for the propaganda of this or that candidate , who may even spend a lot of money – coming from yet another absurdity of this way of doing politics : foundations , mysterious and vaguely mythical entities, unknown ircocephalos funded by those who know who … (not that the other parties are better eh, when we have a party to the Government that is the son of an association of professionals, that is a professional helped by a comedian! ) – spends, I say, money to propagate his ‘ ideas ‘, or better, his own person , ideas that then will not find any accomplishment at the election, perhaps thanks to a large group of passing Chinese.

Let’s start from the base , let’s start with ideas , says poor Katia.


Yes, you’re fresh . Beyond the cord that divides those that count from others, it’s about , it’s negotiating, it’s threatening, insulting, getting lost … but all in silence , slowly, every now and then some shout is heard outside, but no, you’ve heard wrong, nobody ‘cries we all agree and running fine harmony’, yes, we have knives in hand, but only serve to cut the pork for sandwiches preparat by the companions of Katia -compagne now in the usual sense … it makes me laugh: the fist now raises only the concentrate Danilo Toninelli , although not knowing why!
Katia is right, let’s face it frankly among us, he’s right to sell. Especially since the absent Renzi, already organizes committees parallel to the party, to get out with Calenda (finally dine in peace!), But not for a split -that vulgarity! -, but for a consensual separation … is the comedy of ‘ absurd. Of political proposals, no lines speak … it’s not chic!

It is not just that those self-styled ‘leaders’ think only of dividing what remains of the party, but of the very concrete and terrible fact for which they live in the offices of their respective foundations and in the salons and lounges of ‘ good ‘ society (and of some bank), emuls of that Fausto Bertinotti who , having dropped the G overno of the ‘ left ‘ (albeit very watered down), became the guest of honor , even the darling , of those salons where, now out of politics , he told and told, cutesy with sheath of the glasses in the neck, how do the revolution and how, as a perfect sub-commander of his nonexistent and pathetic Zapatista army, you get between a sandwich and the other, to run in rivers the blood of the bourgeoisie by way of Monte Napoleone … in theory – for some stars that read, is a paraphrase of a famous’ battuta0 of that Pelham Grenville Wodehouse -. And in those lounges those ‘leaders’,’ elaborate ‘wonderful strategies to catch and maintain power, that power that only a little’ at a time the new owners of steam are grabbing. Of course very quickly to tell the truth, but there is as much space as you want.

And so off to the dances, to the comparisons, for the ‘primaries’ (as late as possible, Renzi needs time, you know) to the ballet of proposals and promises, to the accents under the counter, to compromises, to ‘comparisons’ in TV, complacent to be voted by the first who passes, thanks to the organizational work, to the elbow oil, of what remains of the ‘base’, and that remains such. Di Katia , that is, that unnecessarily stole , in general indifference, to say the only serious thing : withdraw everyone . Forget, however, poor Katia and some others who said the same things, that the ‘party’ is much more her than the leaders, indeed, only her, and then, Katia, you should not say ‘retire’, but ‘ go away