Getting Your First Credit Card – Myths & Tips

There are many questions and even myths and beliefs about getting a credit card. However, credit cards are not to be frightened of, because when used sensibly, they are a handy tool for managing your finances. We’ll break down some of the credit card myths and give you the best tips for getting your first […]

Debtors of local government.

    The arrears of residents and entrepreneurs According to the data of the Screentalk, the GIV register of debtors , the arrears of residents and entrepreneurs entered into this database by municipalities amount to over PLN 822 million. These are claims due to: Tax Assessment in real estate, agriculture, forestry, residential rents, bills for […]

The piggy bank teaches a child how to save money.

  Learning through play Money cut out of paper and carefully prepared website with goods – it’s a good start to play in the store, and by the way education. Your toddler will learn that each product has a specific value. For this, practice counting and spending money. Cash management can also be learned through […]

What do Credit Card Numbers Mean?

Have you ever wondered what credit card numbers are for? They are not just a series of numbers randomly drawn by a computer, even though you might think so suddenly, but each number has its own meaning. The first six digits of the card are the card issuer ID. The first number on the credit […]

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